Merchant Navy Career is one of the most professionally sound and satisfying career which any young person would like to acquire in his life. This career has been primarily male oriented although legally there is no ban on girls taking up this profession. However, over the years it has become very clear that the girls are not willing to choose this profession even in the countries where there is not much of disparity or inhibitions between men and women working in various professions. In India, so far there have been only handful of girls who have decided to choose this career and it is yet to be seen whether they find it satisfactory and to their liking. For the young boys this is one of the best careers among the various professions which are available in India. It gives considerable job satisfaction, it is economically very lucrative and it also leads to various openings for those who would not like to continue working on ships for a long time but would be interested in occupying various prestigious positions in merchant navy related jobs ashore.

Career Opportunities

  • Shipbuilding mostly deals with
    • Construction and designing of Ships, oil rigs etc
    • Maintenance of ships & oil rigs
    • Creating Design & blueprint of warships, aircraft carriers and submarines
    • Marine metals and corrosion protection
    • Environment protection, global climate monitoring
    • Maintenance of dockyards, oil rigs and sea-ports.
  • Shipbuilding and repair is one big avenue currently as it guarantees a wide range of employment opportunities world-wide.
  • There are a variety of technical and managerial posts in Shipyards & Equipment manufacturing and repairing companies
  • The jobs are monetarily rewarding and career progression is fast